Hello, I'm Nikky. The owner, creator, maker of Innabox!

All of my cute and quirky items are designed by myself and some are hand assembled too. I love to design, it's my self care and my escape. I started my little business 8 years ago now. I originally started at a bad time in my life, wanting to make some changes and find happiness. It's the best thing I ever did. Starting part time and working upwards, I've now been working full time on this for 4 years. Wow! Time flies!

My early inspirations were brands such as David and Goliath and places such as Camden. I loved visiting Camden and finding lots of unique items! Badges, jewellery, all sorts! I'm also a huge lover of animals and I love that I get to draw them for a living.

I love spreading joy through my work and giving a person that little giggle they may have really needed. Also it makes my day when somebody can really relate to my work, so the recent chronic/invisible illness work I've created is very special to me. I'm also a natural empath and an introvert, so working from home with my kitties by my side is ideal for me too. My business has really helped me to find myself and also my tribe!!

When I first started my business, I knew I wasn't as able as others, but I didn't intend to start this with no intention of ever working full time again. The fact is now that that would be a huge struggle with my health, so I channel my pain through some of my work and I feel incredible lucky to be able to do this day to day and take the time out I need also.

My work is created using my iPad pro, adobe photoshop and illustrator. I taught myself how to use the programmes and have never looked back. Thanks for reading!

Nikky x

Please note: All of my artwork is protected by Copyright.