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July 25, 2018
October 14, 2019

My unbuttlievable journey!

Hey guys!

Where do I start?

I haven’t blogged in a VERY long time, but I am trying to change that now. What better to blog about than what I’m now known for… Butts! Well Animal butts to be more precise. This post will cover my unbuttlievable journey so far!

When I doodled my first cat butt, I didn’t think it would be so successful. I was in doubt anybody would even like it! But I decided to go with the idea of a cheeky and motivating first animal butt product which was a ginger cat enamel pin with the words ‘Never look back’ accompanying it. As I was unsure on the design and how it would go down, I decided to use Kickstarter to try and fund it…. It was funded in less than 24 hours and that was the beginning of this madness!Never Look Back Black Cat Enamel Pin - funny gifts for people who love cats

A few months went by and I hadn’t thought much of it. I was happy the design did well but was a little stumped for new ideas. A creative block as lots call it! So one of my Insta pals (Laura from The Treasured) asked if I had thought about designing anymore animal bums. It was a light bulb moment and something I hadn’t thought of! So I have her to thank really! 🙂

So I got designing another 7 and decided to Kickstarter those too! I teased them on Instagram and they seemed to be well received, so I thought why not?! These were Alpacass, Piggy back, Bear bum, Never look back in black, Lemarse, Junk in the trunk and Bummy rabbit. £1,143 was raised and pledged to make them and I was absolutely gobsmacked! It my was biggest and boldest Kickstarter project yet!!

I was definitely onto something at this point! It was soon after that I was named ‘Butt lady’ by customers. I now will officially never look back! It’s something so humorous to be ‘known’ for and it does make me laugh as it was so unexpected and I sort of stumbled on it. I decided to really focus on the idea and put all of my effort into creating more! Gotta keep those butts fresh!!


I ran a 3rd butts Kickstarter which raised £1,388 and funded 8 more to add to the gang!! I was and still am blown away by how well they have done. I decided to run a giveaway at this point to give something back which was called Rear Of The Year! This was a joke from my friend over at The Taste Buds. I thought nobody would enter as I was asking for people to send it images of their pets butts! But again, to my surprise, people did the exact opposite! The competition went so well and made me incredibly happy! The winner was a cute little guinea pig called Buffy. You can find Buffy by clicking here: Rear Of The Year winner 2018.


To this day the butts continue to grow! I Ran yet another Kickstarter this year that funded 9 pins and t shirts too! £1,539 was the total which has been my most successful Kickstarter to date!! I now have plenty of cute enamel pins in my shop thanks to all of the amazing people that helped make all of these pins a reality!! I have added enamel pins, t shirts, mugs, prints, cards and tote bags to the animal bums range and I hope this carries on as I have absolutely LOVED every minute of this.

Here is the latest giveaway winner Honey, for ‘Rear Of The Year 2019’ along with some of the amazing images that were sent in. Including images from Our Amazing Animal World and Hello Sunshine. Guinea pig bums seem to be the cutest!





I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my small business journey. You literally never know where life will take you! Although be careful, you might fall into a hole or two. I certainly have! Butt lady forever! I have a tattoo to prove it ;).

You can find the enamel pins mentioned above here:

Nikky x



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