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March 17, 2018
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May 1, 2018

New wire headbands!


If you follow me on social media you would have seen that I have been teasing about headbands for a month or so now! Well they are finally all finished and online! They took a little longer than anticipated due to a few complications which I will explain below!

Making headbands or even using a sewing machine was totally new to me! So in order to bring this project to life, I had to ask for some of my lovely friends help! Harriet from Sew Me Sunshine was the first person that I approached as a possible collaboration, but instead she gave me some valuable information to help me along with the project instead!

First off I wanted to get some fabric printed with the designs on, so I decided to go with Prinfab. Prinfab were suggested to me by my friend Sai who runs The Taste Buds. You can find her here. I ordered a metre of fabric with each design. The project had started yay!

Prinfab posted this amazing picture to their Instagram feed on the day that I received the fabric. I was SO pleased! The designs came out perfect. So now it was time to get to work! Planning the whole project with me was my bestie Shannon. She runs a small biz called Peggy Beard where you can find all of her beautiful jewellery! But she is all round very talented and crafty!

I had all of the equipment ordered to make the headbands so off I went to Shannon’s house to use her sewing machine! She taught me the basics and guided me through most of the steps which we had researched together. She handled all of the fiddly bits that I am a tad too impatient for haha!

Below you can see some images of the making process. We cut the fabric to size, folded it in half, sewed the edges shut and then ironed them flat.

The next step was inserting the wire. Easy peasy right? We thought so until we came across a problem. We got all of the headbands made and thought they were ready to sell! Until I started to test them out myself like I do with any product before selling it…

Unfortunately after wearing a headband 3/4 times, the wire inside snapped. OOPS! It was obviously not the right wire to use but hey, we were new to this! We soon found a replacement recommended by Harriet from Sew Me Sunshine and had to open up the headbands and replace all of the wire inside. With busy schedules this took us a couple of weeks to do. That explains the delay in not putting them on sale sooner!

But phew… We got there in the end!

A massive thank you to Harriet and Sai for the information that you shared and an even bigger thank you to one of the kindest girls I know, Shannon! <3

I hope you  like the headbands after all of the hard work! You can find them here.

Nikky x

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