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August 5, 2019
New year, new mindset.
December 31, 2019


Hey everyone!

So I can’t quite believe that I am writing this as it has been a 7 year goal of mine.. One I thought would never happen!

Well… IT JUST DID! You can now find my work on the SCRIBBLER CARDS WEBSITE! WOOHOOOO!!

I am a tad excited if you can’t tell! I’m going to break down a bit of what I’ve been through with my little business to inform you on some of the details that you may not know.

Innabox is 7 years old.. Which is mad. I don’t like saying just how long I’ve been at this as I have always felt like I should have achieved more. But I’m letting that go writing this as it’s MY journey and I shouldn’t compare! The first 3 years were on and off, not knowing what I wanted and working with someone else who didn’t share the same vision. I was also working part time in retail jobs such as Topshop and David and Goliath.

I got made redundant from retail and that’s when my journey really started. So I like to say I’ve been in business for 4 years really! I took this on full time which was quite a leap, but I wanted nothing more than to make this work!! So I lived on biscuits and tea for a couple of years as I was pretty skint. But all of that hard work started to pay off when after 2 of those years I could finally pay myself a decent wage!

“Don’t be afraid to start over, it gives you a chance to build something better”

This has always been enough for me.. To be able to support myself and live. as long as I am happy I am not too bothered with the amount of money coming in. My family and partner are all supportive so they have fed me when I’ve been low on money which helped. It hasn’t been easy at all  but I have loved every second of it! From starting all that time ago, ordering bulk cards from China and then scrapping them after a trade show went pretty badly and losing ALL confidence, to Today! There’s a huge difference and I often forget that.

At one point when I decided to go it alone and change EVERYTHING, I wondered if I had it in me. The main message here is, it doesn’t matter how long something takes, you should always go for your dreams! Don’t be a scaredy cat and hold yourself back. I am the worst for it but with a boost from a very good pal recently I decided to just go for it with Scribbler one final time. LUCKY I DID!

I would love to be in the Scribbler stores one day so cross your fingers for me and tell everyone to buy my cards on their site haha! If you’re reading this and you have purchased something from me EVER, then you’re bloody awesome and I owe everything to you. As every little sale is so so important!

Wow… You can now find me on the Scribbler website here.

Have the best weekend and go for those dreams!

Nikky xx

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