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March 3, 2018
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The Caminito Del Rey


Hi all!

I have been back from holidays in Spain for a couple of days now and I wanted to tell you all about my experience at the Caminito Del Rey! If you don’t like heights then this post isn’t for you..

 My boyfriend’s parents decided to book a holiday for us all which was lovely of them. However it was kept a secret for months about where we were going or what we would be doing on this holiday! It wasn’t until the third day into the holiday that we found out why it had all been kept a secret..

We were all wondering what the day held for us and tried to guess exactly what it was that we would all be doing. We had matching tees for the day too that we could only look at on the way there.They said ‘Live for the day’ on them and If only I knew what ‘Caminito Del Rey’ meant before I got there! Although to be honest, I probably would have turned straight back around and gone home! My boyfriend hates heights and I am not too keen either!

We arrived at the nearest station and saw a big cliff/mountain in front of us. At this point we thought we might be walking up it as we have done walking holidays in the past. We were kind of right!! So off we went on a coach up the cliff not knowing what was ahead of us. Until we saw this from the coach window…

Immediate panic set in with jokes of bungee jumps from the bridge were being muttered. But it was too late. We were on a coach 5 minutes away from this huge cliff walk.. We couldn’t turn back now and not give it a go! Although we were very tempted!! My boyfriend knew exactly what we were doing now and he was NOT happy! He had seen lots of videos of how dangerous this walk was previously on youtube, but it is a LOT safer now! All you need now is a hard hat and to watch out for falling rocks.. Oh and to not get too close to the sides and to make sure that your phone/keys etc are safe as you wouldn’t be getting them back if you dropped them!!

Above you can see an image of exactly what I was talking about that I found on google. The path before and after! It’s safe to say that I would never have attempted the walk before. It was literally a death trap. You would have needed good balance and a harness for definite! Some parts of the old path were just metal poles… The thought of that is just terrifying! You can see more for yourself by just googling the Caminito Del Rey!

We started the walk with our hard hats and ploughed through it quite quickly. I was surprised at how safe it is now and soon got over feeling terrified. I even stepped on the glass floor where you could see the huge drop below! The worst part for me was definitely the end… A metal bridge that you could see through.. And it wobbled! Looking down 100 feet plus was pretty scary. Then there were stairs heading up to the finish that you could easily have fallen through, the gaps between each step were so far apart!

Below are some images of our day. I am so proud of myself and my boyfriend especially for braving it!

 Nikky x





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