Turning 30 & Woburn Safari Park!

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Turning 30 & Woburn Safari Park!

Hi all!

I have just joined the 30’s club! I feel no different… If anything I feel that my 30’s are going to be much better than my 20’s! I have a wonderful life and I feel very grateful for that. I’m going to share my celebrations with you and also some lovely gifts that I received too!

So I decided to do something a little more me for my big Birthday. Rather than a party (hell no) or a holiday (I couldn’t afford one) I chose to visit Woburn Safari Park for the day! I had told my friends in advance about my plans so that everyone could save up and get their ticket before the day. The weekend fell on the 24th February, 4 days before my actual Birthday. Luckily we all chose this weekend and not the 3rd March as the snow this week had been awful! I got to enjoy a bit of snow on my Birthday though so can’t complain!

For the safari we had 3 cars for 10 of us but all bundled up into 2 cars to enjoy the moment a little more. My best friend brought a giraffe mask along for us to wear as you’ll see in the pics. It was an amazing experience and one day I want to go to Africa and do the real thing! We saw a black bear right in front of our cars, had monkeys jumping on the cars and trying to rip off the antennas and we got to see lions, rhinos, giraffes and more! Our car decided to go round twice with the monkeys as it was just so funny! No cars were damaged on the day.

After the car safari there was a foot safari to explore too! We all parked up and had a mooch around the gift shop and some lunch before hand. There was lots to see and we all had so much fun although it was freezing! I was in my element. I was surrounded by my best friends and animals! What more could a girl want? Apart from clothes… I always like new clothes. Anyway onto the foot safari…

There was a little plan we could follow in the safari booklet to find out what time certain shows were on and feeding times etc so we headed straight to the lemurs as they were about to be fed. There was every type of Lemur there. I had never seen a red bellied Lemur before and turns out they seemed to be the most cheeky! One of my friends has a banana in her bag and one of the red bellied lemurs had definitely sniffed it out! So Tina vacated the area with her bag as quickly as she could. The lemur attempted to follow! Lemurs are one of my favourite animals, the ring tailed ones are so cute and I have seen them many times now. They were soaking up the very little sun that there was all sitting on a roof huddled together. We were there for quite a while and missed the penguin show that was going on so we decided to head to the farm area and see all of the goats.

Once we had all taken selfies, we had a little look around (getting slightly lost) but decided on visiting more monkeys! The cutest kind in my opinion, the squirrel monkeys! They are so cute and tiny with lovely yellow colouring. They were running around everywhere and having a great time! Hundreds of monkeys came out of nowhere for feeding time, it was definitely a sight to see them all flocking towards the food! We had to leave quickly to go and see the otters at feeding time who we all loved!

It was their lunch time and the keeper was bribing them out of their warm shelters to come and have some food.
The smallest otter was the most feisty and made sure that she got enough food off of the others! After the otters we took a short walk over to the meerkats, porcupine and mongoose. The meerkats had been naughty and caught a wild rabbit during the night so the keeper decided that they had all had enough food for the day! However we did see the porcupine and mongoose have their lunch! The rainbow enclosure was close by which was full of beautiful birdies so we went to visit them!

This was the last place to visit in the park before closing time and we managed to snag the last lot of food to feed them with! The dusky lory birds were adorable and landed on our hands to feed themselves. Of course we all took lots of photos! We had to be careful where we stood though as you can imagine what could have happened with lots of birds above our heads! Overall it was an awesome day and I will treasure it! It was definitely worth the hour and a half drive to get to and very reasonably priced! I would love to go again in the summer and see more of the animals out in the sun as some were hiding from the cold this time around as I would have been if it wasn’t my Birthday treat!

I am still on a high from the day one week later writing this! I hope you have enjoyed reading about and seeing what we all got up to. If you haven’t already been and you live close-ish to Milton Keynes then I would so recommend that you get yourself there one time! Here is the website to book your tickets: Woburn Safari Park

Below are some pics of my snowy Birthday and some of the beautiful gifts/cards that I received! I had lots of food too but that’s all been eaten up haha! Thanks for reading!

Nikky x

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